Learn Science in a Fun and Unique Way


Hi, I’m Cosmo

What If Kids is hosted by the inquisitive Cosmo, a chatty robot from a faraway planet who takes young viewers on an exciting journey of scientific discovery. Each colorful episode is curricula-based (grades 1 to 4), covering subject matter such as biology, structures and mechanisms, matter and energy and Earth and space science. School-aged experts in each of these fields help a sometimes confused Cosmo learn as they explore together.

At the end of each video Cosmo shares a fun exercise kids can demonstrate to their families using everyday objects found around their home.

License the all-new original kids program from the creators of the groundbreaking What If online series.

The Company Behind What If Kids

What If Kids is an original kids content format developed and produced by Toronto-based digital-first publisher Underknown. The team is responsible for the cross-platform, Webby Award-winning What If show that is translated into 10 languages. Over 40 million followers have embraced What If’s entertainingly educational ability to make science engaging and accessible to anyone, regardless of age. A hypothetical question, anchored in the simple ‘what if’ premise, opens the gateway to science learning for kids.